Keyless Locking Assemblies



We are committed to providing our customers with a wide range of keyless transmission elements. Preparing the keyway is one of the complex machining operations because of the various operations involved that lead to high production costs. The lateral movement of the keyway is very difficult. In order for the centerline of the keyway to be perfectly symmetrical and parallel to the radial plane, large torsional stresses are concentrated at the corners of the keyway, weakening the shaft. If the keyway width is misaligned and not parallel to the shaft, it will result in an inaccurate key. The cumulative effect of these operational errors necessitates an alternative system of keyless transmission.
We offer keyless transmission elements that completely eliminate key transmissions, traditional shrink connections, and the disadvantages associated with calculations. The extremely close machining tolerances create problems during the assembly and disassembly of parts and during maintenance work such as adjustment and replacement. However, the products we offer do not have this problem. Keyed and polygonal connections and splined shafts can be easily installed and replaced.