Keyless coupling

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Keyless coupling
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Keyless coupling

Minimum order quantity: 10 pairs

Usage/application Industrial application
Classified by brand custom made
Ingredients Low-carbon steel

Xinlan keyless coupling

Locking elements and locking assemblies are most suitable for fixing all types of bosses and hubs on shafts and shafts.They effectively replace heat shrink fits, keys, and polygon connections.Spline shafts, etc. These locking elements and components are used to connect gears, sprockets, levers, cams, cam discs, flywheels, brake drums, pulleys, clutches, gears, couplings, sprockets, impellers, drum fans, ropes Wheels, etc., and more unlimited applications.


  • No key method
  • Easy to remove
  • Simple assembly
  • Really run
  • Easy to manufacture shafts and hubs
  • Connection like shrink fit.


  • Textile machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Plastic Machinery
  • Packaging Mechanic
  • power plant
  • Computers and Robots
  • Mechanical tools
  • Paper machine

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